Sustainability Report

Throughout the course of Diversey’s nearly 95 years of providing revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies, we’ve demonstrated that protecting and improving the environment is good for business. Although it’s been given many names since 1923, sustainability has been at the core of the value Diversey delivers to customers. Diversey’s new beginning in 2017 offered the opportunity to reflect on our progress and look forward to focus on opportunities to deepen our commitment to sustainability. 

With significant social and environmental challenges around the world, our time to reflect on past accomplishments must be brief. Since our last sustainability strategy and goals were created with a 2012 baseline, the United Nations published the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Agenda consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and served as a key reference point to develop the new Diversey sustainability strategy. 

To ensure our new strategy would have maximum impact and target the biggest opportunities, we analyzed our current footprint; listened to customers, experts, and other stakeholders; studied frameworks like the SDGs; and mapped Diversey’s new business strategy. Our ‘Facilitators for Life’ approach will ensure Diversey acts to address key environmental, social, and technological opportunities. 

By Improving The Environment

Reducing waste, conserving energy, saving water and preventing greenhouse gas emissions 

By Protecting And Caring For People

Increasing safety in our operations, investing in employees and ethical business practices, and improving health and hygiene in our customers facilities 

By delivering Customer-Centric Sustainable Solutions to the market: 

Improving efficiency with customers and delivering advanced sustainability value to customers