Diversey has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, which will continue now that we are an independent company.  Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our efforts to improve lives in the communities where we operate and in our focus on environmental responsibility.  Diversey takes action within our own operations by eliminating waste and continually improving efficiency.  We also recognize that our biggest opportunity is through our products and solutions, which help our customers save water, conserve energy, prevent waste, and increase safety.  Through innovation and new services, such as The Internet of Clean, we collaborate with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Diversey's customer stories and case studies

Customer Stories

Meeting our customers' needs. At Diversey it’s more than a goal, it’s an integral part of our business practices, our innovative solutions, and our values.

Sealed Air's leadership in sustainability explained

Environmental Leadership

We set specific targets for energy, greenhouse gases, water and waste. Improving plans to address environmental impact and cost reduction goals. 

Corporate sustainability solutions to improve the lives of others

World Impact

Corporate sustainability. It’s about improving the lives of people around the world by addressing pressing needs in the communities where we and our customers operate.

Sustainability Report

Diversey's sustainability report provides details on our progress toward achieving our Sustainability Goals and key performance indicators.