Customer Success Story BEST Service Pros Deliver Innovative ROI at Technology Institutes

Delivering Innovative ROI at Technology Institutes

BEST Service Pros is an integrated cleaning company, and one of the longest standing service providers in Canada. The focus on continuous improvement and sustainable solutions have kept BEST at the forefront of innovative custodial and facility management solutions. BEST is committed to operational excellence in designing and delivering building service solutions to secure the long-term loyalty and trust of its team and clients, which is exemplified by the company’s GreenClean Program, an initiative that provides innovative and sustainable business practices for clients.


BEST Service Pros (BEST) focuses on cleaning high traffic public-use facilities with a GreenClean Program created to meet and exceed cleaning standards set forth by the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) program and to remain at the forefront of next practices in the cleaning industry. BEST is determined to take industry best practices to the next level. In keeping with this initiative, BEST uses EcoLogo certified products, Energy Star equipment, and cleaning processes that improve the health of buildings. In addition to their green standard operating procedures, they are also a carbon-neutral certified company through the Offsetters group. This commitment to the CIMS-GB program aligns with the company culture to provide green solutions for clients and continually seek innovations that will help the environment.


The SWINGOBOT test impressed BEST with its ability to operate hands-free while staff continued to clean in other areas of the building. It also showed impressive signs of reduced water and chemical use compared to the standard floor cleaning equipment being used and was more energy efficient. “The TASKI SWINGOBOT showed immediate advantages with the recycling of water, allowing shifts to run on one tank where previously, the cleaning staff had to dump and fill multiple times per shift,” said Bratland. “It took about 15 minutes to dump and fill (three to four times on a shift), which meant up to an hour of time was being wasted. Plus, we were using more chemicals,” he added. The recycle capability of the SWINGOBOT can generate up to 85 percent chemical and water savings each shift.


The TASKI Intellibot used at SAIT was the first SWINGOBOT robotic machine used in Western Canada and is one of Diversey’s top three performing robots worldwide. Consistent performance in 2017 has ranked the SAIT machine as the top performing robot in the world on numerous occasions. Diversey reports that the unit runs six hours per night, including changing the battery which improves the return on investment. The nightly routine includes performing runs to clean four floors; each floor taking approximately an hour and a half and the basement 40 minutes.

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